Teachers Diane Fostin of District 2 & Kizzy Leon of the Mon Repos Patience Combined School

Keywords: Student-centred, Best Practices, Literacy

About the project

The format of student learning in the classroom can be adjusted so that students are allowed to direct their own learning or make choices in their learning. By reforming the classroom to be more student-centered, students can enjoy learning and therefore thrive fully. It will lead to more independence and use of effective learning strategies by students.


The team had discussions with students who wanted classes to be more exciting; they wanted to work more with their peers and wanted to see more activities and games in their lessons. Two teachers used the ‘Alternate Classroom Approach’ for one week in the Language Arts subject area. Teachers and students shared their feedback indicating that students were able to easily learn required concepts using this approach. Students appreciated the opportunity to learn at their own pace, to work in groups with other students, and to access content when they really needed it to understand concepts in language.