Teacher Irvin Smith of the Fond Assau Combined School

Keywords: Technology, Supporting Education Stakeholders

About the project

Technology can be leveraged to provide support to students, teachers and parents. This includes the sharing of content and resources, learning activities and best practices. The teacher team intended to establish a hub to be used by all educators, with the aim of collaborating, and creating and sharing content.


The team spoke with teachers, parents and students about their education needs. Based on the variety of feedback collected, the team has seen the need to narrow and re-focus their intentions, as what they may have considered a viable solution does not necessarily align with what stakeholders see as important.

Ultimately, competing priorities for team members and a challenge with refocusing lead some teachers to leave the project. A prototype to start a support group via WhatsApp (to ask technology related questions and to share technology related resources, links and ideas) did not get off the ground.