Teachers Elisha Norbert of the Micoud Secondary School

Keywords: Mathematics, Language, Best Practices

About the project

Operating with negative and positive numbers has been a traditional problem in the Secondary Mathematics Classrooms. Students struggle with developing an efficient and effective schema for simplifying such arithmetic expressions. A language approach to teaching Math has been used with some students for a few years at the school. The teacher team wants to determine whether this can promote more independence, autonomy and metacognition among students.


The team intend used a comparative analysis of classes who have used the language approach, and those that have not. A simple assessment was administered to students to determine how they respond to Math problems.

Teacher has prototyped and the data gathered revealed that a language approach to teaching Math promotes independence, autonomy, and metacognition among students. Ultimately, students scored significantly higher than those who were not taught using this approach. The teacher intends to test this idea at other schools, and has shared the idea with the Math Curriculum Officer.