The Education Innovation Lab uses a ‘human-centred design’ approach popularized by the design group, IDEO. This method encourages the use of empathy skills to take the perspective of ‘users’ when thinking about new solutions to address problems or capitalize on opportunities.

The videos below provide an introduction to key social innovation concepts. Teachers participating in the Education Innovation Lab can also attend an in-person workshop that focuses on the human-centred design approach, led by the Lab’s Innovation Coach, Carrie Wright.

Pre-training teacher survey link

Before starting the social innovation training, please complete the research survey

Survey Links

BEFORE-training survey link

The Education Innovation Lab team is conducting research throughout the project to a) collect feedback on training materials and identify gaps; b) understand the opportunities and challenges of innovation from teachers’ perspectives; and c) learn how we can better support teachers to lead innovation activities.

Feedback & Questions

What do you think about teachers leading innovation activities in the education system? How can our team, the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders best support teachers to be innovators?

Do you have questions from the training videos? Is there another topic that we have missed – another video that we should prepare?

Send your feedback to the Project Coordinator, Angel, at or use the contact page (anonymous option if you choose) so we can reflect on and integrate your feedback.