Teachers George- Anne Melius, Tasherlee Pascal, Hanifah Etienne, Nisha Gidharry & Leotha Felix all of Les Etangs Combined School

Keywords: Numeracy, Remediation

About the project

Due to the setbacks of covid-19 including absenteeism and illnesses among both teachers and students, a wide gap has been created in student’s abilities across classes. While some students have acquired the desired skills for their respective grade level, others have not. Grade 3 students in particular, have missed out in attaining the numeracy and literacy skills needed for their grade level.


The team of teachers spoke with students about what the students would like to do as a way to ‘level up’. Students expressed a desire for more games, hands-on activities and media, highlighting Math as a preferred subject. The team has designed an intervention for teaching a topic (Time) in Math (identified by students) which included the collection of materials such as videos, online materials and games. They have also created a physical Math Lab for students to interact with learning materials. Based on observations made by the team, students of all grades were drawn to the lab and made use of the space independently and collaboratively.