Teachers Ruthina Joseph of Bocage Primary, Eusebia Busette of Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School & Kristelle Lubin of the Bishop Charles Gachet RC Combined School

Keywords: Parental Involvement

About the project

There seems to be opportunities for greater parental involvement in education. The team sought to determine whether building a better home-school connection can increase the levels of parental involvement, thus having a greater impact on student outcomes.


The teacher team spoke with both parents and students. Interestingly, parents thought that they were involved by helping their children at home, although they were unable to visit the school regularly or did not have the content knowledge to support their children in certain areas. Some teachers also said that they had no major issues with parental involvement.

The Team will regroup to examine how each party (teachers and parents) conceptualize parental involvement, and the extent to which these understanding overlap between parties.