Teacher Kerwin Hildreth Eloise of Bouton Combined

Keywords: Reading Experiences, Infants

About the project

There is a dearth of reading materials or stories that are based in our local context. In addition, inspired by his daughter, the team member felt propelled to create relevant reading material that he can read on a daily basis to his daughter.


This team has met with the Innovation Coach and discussed the intent to create culturally relevant books or reading material to form the bases of learning experiences and pedagogy, not just in language arts, but in other subject areas as well. These stories will be infused with local experiences such as Jounen Kweyol and Saint Lucia’s Independence, and the language will include all of the local languages with which students are familiar.

The teacher will engage in several next steps such as gathering data from end users (students), as well as other teachers. This will help him to ideate on how to create tailored material that can be used over several grades and classes.