Teachers Lilpher Wilfred of District 5 & Shirley Mark of District 7

Keywords: Unconventional Assessments

About the project

In the absence of face-to-face contact, teachers find it difficult to assess students reliably and validly. It is the intent of this group to provide teachers with tools that will enable them to gather valid and reliable information on students’ learning in the absence of face-to-face teaching. Video assessments are a great complement to the regular forms of assessments and are suitable for both hybrid and blended learning.


The team spoke with teachers who embraced the idea of an alternate form of assessment. Several insights were gathered that included the need for video assessment to be a part of formative assessments used in the classroom, before it can be used for summative assessment. In addition, concerns over storage, access and data protection were also raised.

The team’s intention was to refocus on how teachers can first incorporate the use of video recordings and assessments in instruction; due to competing priorities, this project has been paused.