Teacher Arwena Prescott-Guitton of the Odsan Primary School

Keywords: Writing package, Infants

About the project

This team is interested in finding simple solutions for teaching students how to write because of the numerous challenges experienced by students in the early grade levels. The intention is to improve students’ ability to generate ideas for writing, but also to gain proficiency in writing at their appropriate developmental level. Students will be motivated to write using inspiration from their environment.


The teacher began by examining student writing data from the previous school term, taking note of areas of challenge. After speaking with other teachers and collecting their best practices, the teacher innovator intends to create a package of easy-to-use writing strategies and prompts that can be useful to teachers and students.

She is prototyping the use of thematic approaches that allow students to gain direct and indirect experiences with their environment; she has also engaged the Literacy Support person in her district to work with parents who can help their children develop sight word knowledge.

The instructional strategies will be used throughout the term, and student motivation and engagement with writing will be informally assessed through observation and discussion.